WANDER::: Shiryou
  Current -2003 - 2006           
  WANDER    Hyp.H.EN.   Binded Fate         


Manga ghost hunting comic of shame - Over 70 pages long on going 2003-

Assorted comics - Updates sporadically,  2004 -

Fantasy 2005 - Updates every month   
   Lexicon Punks     Arcana Jayne   Black Forest         
  Short stories, slice of life -2005 -  
  •  Magic/ Fantasy
  •  Written by Lisa R. Jonté
  •  Haitus
  Werewolves thats all I am saying Updates every Friday         


  Sketchbook Theories   Deadlands    The Wild hunt         
  A online story book I did for a class. Fall 2003     Story book format tale of strange - 2006   A folklore based story, and a guy having the worst night ever. 2007        
  Reflected Images          
  Fantasy - For publication 2004          

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