Character Bio's  
Eyes - light purple
Hair – Green
Age – 23
Job – Head of information (2nd to chieif)

Tends to be serious, and handles a lot of responsibility. She’s organized and a workaholic. She only wears her uniform when its necessary. She is very quick mentally, and is good at things like strategy and figuring out problems. She is very good as a mage, but also fighting with her hands and staff.

She took in Ethon 5 years earlier, and spent them juggling her work and looking after a child.

Eyes – Black
Hair – Gray
Age – 24
Job – Head officer (3rd to chief)

He generally has what is referred to as a “bad ass” look to him, but really he is usually the one following orders rather then giving them. He’s got a soft spot, but hardly a bleeding heart. While he is an excellent mage, he is an even better warrior. He’s very popular among the lower ranking officers, and is very good at creating distractions. He’s been good friends with Garel for years, but he and Feawen make a better team. He’s always gets roped into babysitting, in part due to his procrastinating habits.

Eyes - gold
Hair – brown and blue
Age – 18
Job – Assistant
Marks – 3 circles under each eye

He is by nature very sweet, but has a more mischievous manipulative side as well. He isn’t quick to anger and gets along with just about every one. Now that he’s older he does errands and menial work for Feawen. Like being a message boy or taking notes for her.

He’s one of the “reformed” rebel mages, and no longer is able to do magic. The red markings on his face are bonds.

Eyes – light brownish red aka brick rose
Hair – Green blue
Age – 26
Job – Chief of the mage officers

Always smiling, except for when he’s being deadly serious. He seems like he should be very laid back, but really he is always working. His title forces a lot of responsibilities on him, but he handles it all well. His position was well earned, and he is respected. He is almost always in Uniform, only dressing down on his time off. He plays the roll as an only father to his “reformed” charge. Whom he had found 2 years earlier while traveling, has been looking after him ever since.

Eyes – yellow
Hair – light green
Age – 12
Marks – rectangle across right cheek

Kavi was lost after the same group Ethon had been with was attacked, how ever Kavi remained lost for 3 years. Since the ageing process is only triggered after meeting a mage with a high ability, he is 3 years behind the other “Reformed” children. Garel found Kavi while visiting someone in a rural part of the country, ever since he’s been looking after him.

Sometimes he gets mistaken for a girl due to the fact he refuses to cut his hair. He’s hyper active and trouble maker; the only time he behaves is in Garel’s presence. He’s content with his strange substitute family, but would be happier if his guardian didn’t leave him behind so often.

Eyes – Green
Hair – brown and black
Age – 17
Job – Assistant to Idaea, medical mage in training

Having just recently completed her mage exam, she is now working for Idaea. She is working on becoming a full fledged medic, although she isn’t entirely happy with the concept. She feels she would be better suited as an officer.

She is very short tempered and a little violent; she’s willing to do just about anything to get out of the hospital wing. Including dropping off papers at the magic control office.

Eyes – light Blue
Hair – Navy blue and neon green
Age – 18
Job – Rebel leader
Marks – red line from each eye to each ear

The leader of the rebel group, he took over after the second year of the war when his master/leader died. He started out perfectly sane, but became noticeably less so as the war progress, only a handful of people knew why.

Eyes – Dark red
Hair – Dark Purple
Age – 38
Job – Second in command
Marks – blue tattoo square on each shoulder

One of the few remaining original rebels.

Eyes – black
Hair – black
Age – 23
Marks- black rings around each finger and thumb

Works for Brohen and Indivia, maybe third in command.

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